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Morale was at an all time low. We must remember that the incident of the Spies followed the incidents of the Complainers Mis'onenim and the Graves of Lust Kivros haTayvah.

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  • Now they faced 40 more years of desert wandering. It was at precisely this moment that Korach decided to make his move against Moshe. This was the 'pikchus' shrewdness of Korach. If he was a foolish person, then he would have opened up his mouth to complain as soon as he was upset about something. For a person who is so consumed with jealousy and so upset to realize that "now is not the time to address this issue" is the sign of a special person.

    Instant gratification is the sign of a fool, an immature baby, and a person with no intelligence. The older we get, the more we realize that we often need to put things off. Korach nursed his grudge against Moshe until the proper time. Perhaps this was not the sign of a person with sterling character; however it was the sign of a 'pikeach' a shrewd individual.

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    You will also have an opportunity to browse the permanent exhibits. The bus will leave at am and return approximately pm. Please call the shul office to make reservations. Ayelet is a one year old baby diagnosed with a rare bone marrow failure disorder who is in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant. No blood is required only a cheek swab.

    Adults ages 18 to 55 can participate. Want to volunteer? Email Racheli Brandsdorfer atgoldfisher gmail. Yiddish folklore is rich in "curses".

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    Sholem Aleichem famously compiled his step-mother's favorites. All welcome. For more details on the mission and itinerary please see Marcos Benzaquen. Please return to shul. Please be mindful of the less fortunate as you prepare for Shabbat, when you cook during the week and when planning your Simchas. We are feeding many elderly persons and small families, so smaller quantities are also appreciated. You can cook a little extra during the week, freeze it and drop off at 18 Birchwood Lane on Fridays before pm.

    Scheduled for Shabbat, June 25th, as part of our graduation kiddush, the Cholent Competition offers opportunities for the culinary gifted members of our shul to strut their stuff.

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    The six slots have already been filled. We have the cholent of Michael Leventhal, honed to perfection through many hours of late night tisches; Sharon Goldwyn, bringing years of GNS tradition to her mix, Sharon Mazur, a meat maven beyond compare, Tami Kramer and her marathon mix, Sari Braunstein, bringing the best of Ashkenaz and Sepharad together, and Eli Cohen, whose cholent could even find its way through Great Neck Estates. Keep watching this space for competition updates For Graduation Kiddush flyer see page 3.

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