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Pig (Call to Action)

Battle Group Poland's U. Army Chaplain poses with the pig he bought to cook for the soldiers during the battle group's first multinational Independence Day celebration at Bemowo Piskie Training Area July 4. This year's holiday held special meaning for the battle group's U. Soldiers as they were able to share a traditional Independence Day celebration with their British and Romanian partners stationed with them in Poland.

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They are compelled by their religious beliefs to do so. Chaplains should not be put into that position and parents should not have their beliefs or lack of belief undermined by someone within the school whose primary aim is to entice their children into adopting a particular narrow, fundamentalist, literalist, Christian ideology. You cannot expect him not to follow his innate compulsion to eat chickens.

The fox is not evil. The blame lies squarely on whoever decided that it was a good idea to put a fox in a hen-house and direct him not to act like a fox. This is Part One of a three-part series of articles. See also:. Part Two: Russian Roulette.

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Although this is generally true, Hugh Wilson of the Australian Secular Lobby provides the following clarification:. It depends which programme you are talking about. The new policy is here and says, in part:. The words are defined here :. Proselytise: To solicit a student for a decision to change belief system.

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First-time comments on this blog are moderated but will be approved and published as soon as possible. You can do something. After years of correspondence and meetings with state education and DEEWR executives as well as personal meetings with two Education Ministers and their Directors General, in , a frustrated Mr. Williams sought advice regarding a possible High Court challenge to the constitutional legality of the Commonwealth providing treasury funds to the National School Chaplaincy Program.

This matter concerns more people than the Williams family from Queensland. Williams has established a trust account for the purpose of accepting donations to defray the considerable costs related to this s. Williams has instructed his solicitors that all funds deposited to the account are only to be applied for costs and disbursements associated with the High Court proceedings.

Speaking Different Languages: Physicians and Chaplains in Health Care

Considerable financial support from the broader Australian community will be required by Mr. Williams in order to meet his expected, and unexpected, legal costs. Whatever your faith position might be, this is a significant legal exercise aimed at ensuring Australia really is a secular nation-state, as our forebears clearly intended it to be. The money does not go to Ron Williams personally. The second stage is to win the trust of the child and his parents in order to gather as much information as possible about the intended victim.

For example, a lonely child might receive extra time and attention, and a child who feels unloved might receive unconditional affection — exactly the kind of attention provided by a chaplain.

Charlie Chaplin - Eating Machine

Of course, the chaplain generally! The fifth stage for a pedophile is the overt sexual abuse of the child, often resulting in marked changes in personality and behaviour. And what else can we expect when a child is finally convinced to accept the premise that they are a sinner whose only chance at redemption is to live in the humble service, and in accordance with the moral or immoral precepts, of a supernatural deity?

Knowle Parish Church — Leaders Resources Make no mistake — religious conscription is at the very heart of everything Scripture Union does. Chrys Stevenson This is Part One of a three-part series of articles. Further Action Yes! The Encylopedia of Religious Errancy by C. Dennis McKinsey. What Should We Believe?

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Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris. Who will rid me of turbulent god-botherers? Christian voters more important than the welfare of Australian children , Sean the Blogonaut. Post to Cancel.