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The land loses heat quickly after the sun goes down and the air above it cools too. This can be compared to a blacktop road. During the day, the blacktop road heats up and becomes very hot to walk on. At night, however, the blacktop has given up the added heat and is cool to the touch. The ocean, however, is able to hold onto this heat after the sun sets and not lose it as easily. This causes the low surface pressure to shift to over the ocean during the night and the high surface pressure to move over the land. This causes a small temperature gradient between the ocean surface and the nearby land at night and the wind will blow from the land to the ocean creating the land breeze.

Figure A. Adapted from graphic by NOAA. At certain locations, converging sea breezes can cause thunderstorms during the afternoon. On the peninsula of Florida, winds are blowing easterly from the east off the Atlantic Ocean and westerly from the west off the Gulf of Mexico. This causes sea breezes to converge towards the central part of the peninsula.

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The air rises, forming clouds, precipitation, and potentially, thunderstorms. These sea breezes are very beneficial to the climate of Florida and along the East Coast.

Cool Breeze (Live at Chances Are, Ann Arbor, late ‘75)

On occasion, these sea breezes are not strong enough and do not converge inland over Florida. Where grass and marsh greet sand and breeze , pause there, stand on windswept dunes and listen. Although it was hot and sunny a strong north easterly breeze kept us cool.

At around three hours the drive is a breeze on one of Vietnam's most impressive new freeways. Most of the time it was not too hot because of a nice fresh breeze. Up on deck your Nile cruise ship helps create a gentle breeze that is often a welcome relief from the Egyptian sun. The fine sunny weather and the warm gentle breeze made for a thoroughly enjoyable evening. A large female goshawk was soaring effortlessly close by in the breeze giving us long, close views.

This cooling breeze , these strips of bitter gourd filled with fish paste, this ice-cold soy milk - they are real all right. Restaurants catering for every taste line the picturesque harbor where the masts of traditional wooden gullets sway gently in the breeze. An autumnal breeze , an early harbinger of winter, skittered high and forlorn among the loblolly pines. Or perhaps you're riding horseback through sparkling surf, with the palms swaying in the balmy breeze.

Sea and Land Breezes | North Carolina Climate Office

Murphy said: " Spring Breeze will run in the two and a half mile handicap hurdle. The 3D icon driven menu system is a breeze to use and the color screen makes navigating around the player extremely intuitive. We are building two planters out of breeze block with lengths of hose pipe between the mortar joints. I cajoled us on in an anxious bid for a raised knoll where a breeze would ensure midges stayed grounded.

Both yachts charged across the finish line at 24 knots - in 22 knots of breeze. The Norwegian Leo are keeping alive hawaii cruise golf vacation the windows of with the breeze.

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The absence of wind meant a leisurely lunch till the sea breeze finally made its way to Bewl Reservoir. There I was queuing for the Wheel with my four pals, an icy breeze whipping my legs and squeezing into my tight miniskirt. A light breeze had dispersed the mist and there was a full moon, casting chill shadows of himself and his still companion. This multi-function plug ' nction plug ' n ' play Karaoke system makes becoming a pop star a breeze.

The breeze from the Bay of Bengal was bracing, the sun glistened off the azure ocean and the palm fronds swayed.

After all this labor I have apparently looked somewhat pallid this week, so Health and Safety recommended a dose of sea breeze. Menu driven, it is a breeze to create and delete partitions, multiple primary partitions, configure the MBR area. Here I found the little pearl which made updating my Perl modules a breeze.

Sunny, with a chance of showers and thunderstorms this weekend

The climate is dry and in summer a light easterly breeze often cools evenings spent dining under the wisteria pergola. Wednesday 10 May The only highlight of a bright morning, troubled by a chilly NW breeze , was 2 tree pipits. The sights and sounds of the world fill my senses and I revel in the sensation of the friendly breeze which strokes my skin.

A small rivulet arches over a cliff, the movement of sun on water spring leaves in a light breeze. A pair of young robins, dancing carelessly, entwined in the spirit of the calming breeze. It's like riding a magic carpet, it makes riding at speed across extremely rocky trails a breeze.

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His breath was hot enough to overule the chill mountain breeze and the musky stallion scent of him I drank in like wine. A light sea breeze from the NE set in intermittently in the afternoon. Children feed the squawking gulls as their grandparents sit back and absorb the sea breeze. Welcome to the magical world of Miss Keda Breeze where circus showgirl meets the glamorous decadence of burlesque striptease.

With translucent white tentacles, waving like wings in a breeze , they are a wonderful sight to greet the amateur microscopist. William Breeze brings the track to a fitting end with layered electric viola rising to crescendo. At the moment she is curled up on the floor of the bedroom, being gently wafted by the breeze of our fan!

Even if your drive is somewhat wayward, there's a reasonable chance that a benign breeze will blow it back on line. Ludecke writes: " He has a matchless instinct for taking advantage of every breeze to raise a political whirlwind. In addition, an easy-to-use wizard makes setting up a high-definition or digital TV a breeze. Maybe it was the slight stirring of a breeze , maybe the temperature drop as another glorious sunset glowed yellow behind Slioch.

There is little sound except for the breeze stirring in the churchyard yew trees. See also Aureola. The force required to propel a balloon against even a moderate breeze would result in its destruction. Few know what joy it is to feel the roses pressing softly into the hand, or the beautiful motion of the lilies as they sway in the morning breeze. The left side of the forest was dark in the shade, the right side glittered in the sunlight, wet and shiny and scarcely swayed by the breeze.

Breeze was playing plenty of upfront new material from the raver baby label along woith some updated remixes of a few classics. A little ripply, cool breeze begun to blow, and that was as good as saying the night was about done.

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It 's like riding a magic carpet, it makes riding at speed across extremely rocky trails a breeze. Standing nearby, rustling trees remember a verse from a warm, simple song they heard on the breeze. The few stubborn leaves still clinging to the trees rustle in the brisk winter breeze. Gradually, he became aware of the soft breeze over his body, carrying a salty aroma. The 15 knots of breeze predicted never filled in - instead the fleet raced in a shifty force It landed on the shawl I was wrapped in and wafted by the breeze , the material smoldered then started to burn.

It is true, a breeze comes from the cave 's maw, its odor organic but not the stench of decay. The breeze was chilly but I strode along, trying to recapture the Serenity I needed. All looked good as the cars arrived in pleasant sunshine with a gentle breeze. The breeze played with the hairs on his neck, seeming to tease each individual hair.

On a still day the breeze may be just the passing of a canal towpath walker. Remember that Turkish Delight ad: Arabian prince, lovely lady, sand dunes and silk wafting in a sultry breeze? Even if your drive is somewhat wayward, there 's a reasonable chance that a benign breeze will blow it back on line.

Ludecke writes: He has a matchless instinct for taking advantage of every breeze to raise a political whirlwind. A whispering breeze assisted, the bird received strength and recovered more strongly. Such a situation may also provide more of a breeze , for comfort and for winnowing grain on the threshing floors. Many support pillows have removable covers, so washing them is a breeze. It comes with numerous features that help make traveling with your child a breeze.

Brandee Danielle-Favorite bedding sets, such as those by Brandee Danielle make decorating a breeze. Registries-Whether you're a new or expectant mom or you're searching for a gift for someone else, the online registry makes purchasing that perfect item or gift a breeze. Friends and relatives can easily see what was purchased and what is still available, making gift buying a breeze. There are designs similar to full-sized desks for desktops, but in smaller proportions to make laptop use a breeze. If you do those three things, then not only will surviving holiday shopping be a breeze , but it might actually turn out to be a fun thing to do so.

Comfortable shoes make a long day of walking a breeze , while slip-on shoes cut an few more seconds off the whole dressing-and-undressing routine. Each book is a fairly quick read at around pages or fewer, so kids at a high reading level will easily be able to breeze through the series but kids who aren't so advanced won't feel intimidated.

To make a Bay Breeze cocktail, omit the grapefruit juice and garnish, and use pineapple juice instead. Sea Breeze , a drink traditionally made today with vodka mixed with grapefruit and cranberry juice, was originally made with gin and grenadine. If there's enough space in the room, a foldable sofa bed can make sleepovers a breeze. Finding the right compact furniture for small spaces can be a breeze , even if you're looking for an extra bed for guests and have minimal space in an office or living room.

Today, when I was outside enjoying the, finally cool, late morning breeze , my eyes hit on the concrete steps that have annoyed me for as long as I've lived in the house. The scent of salt water is always in the air, and even when the hot, southern sun is beating down on the pavement in July, a cool breeze from the ocean brings sweet relief to the city.

Allowing as much natural light into a home as possible, whatever the interior design style, is a priority, as is inviting in the refreshing ocean breeze. This will give your room a wispy, windswept feel, especially if the windows are open and there is a light breeze.