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He is the principal in Abrams Valuation Group, Inc. He is also a popular finance lecturer and the author of numerous journal articles. Permissions Request permission to reuse content from this site. Table Undetected location. NO YES.

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Added to Your Shopping Cart. View on Wiley Online Library. Customer Success Nick Mehta. Valuation Inc. The 7-Day Basket Ian Haste. Corporate Governance Bob Tricker. Happy Money Elizabeth Dunn. Other books in this series. Business Valuation Z. Quantitative Business Valuation Jay B.

Flap copy Essential reading for the serious business appraiser, Quantitative Business Valuation, Second Edition is the definitive guide to quantitative measurements in the valuation process. No other book written on business valuation is as well researched, innovative, and bottom-line beneficial to you as a practitioner.

Written by leading valuation and litigation economist Jay B. Abrams, this text is a rigorous and eye-opening treatment filled with applications for a wide variety of scenarios in the valuation of your privately held business. Substantially revised for greater clarity and logical flow, the Second Edition includes new coverage of: Converting forecast net income to forecast cash flow Damages in manufacturing firms Regressing scaled y-variables as a way to control for heteroscedasticity Mathematical derivation of the Price-to-Sales PS ratio Monte Carlo Simulation MCS and Real Options RO Analysis Venture capital and angel investor rates of return Lost inventory and lost profits damage formulas in litigation Organized into seven sections, the first three parts of this book follow the chronological sequence of performing a discounted cash flow.

The fourth part puts it all together, covering empirical testing of Abrams' valuation theory and measuring valuation uncertainty and error. Parts five to seven round it all out with discussion of litigation, valuing ESOPs and partnership buyouts, and probabilistic methods including valuing start-ups. The resulting work, solidly grounded in economic theory and including all necessary mathematics, integrates existing science into the valuation profession--and develops valuation formulas and models that you will find useful on a daily basis.

Table of contents List of Tables and Figures.

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The Mathematical Model. Analysis of the Mathematical Model. The Mathematics. Forecasting Costs and Expenses. Performing Regression Analysis. Problems with Regression Analysis for Forecasting Costs.

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Using Regression Analysis to Forecast Sales. Autocorrelation in Time Series Analysis.

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Midyear Cash Flows. Starting Periods Other Than Year 1.

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ADFs in Loan Mathematics. Research Included in the First Edition. Table 5. Application of the Log Size Model. Discussion of Models and Size Effects. Industry Effects. Satisfying Revenue Ruling Summary and Conclusions. Theoretical Superiority of the Arithmetic Mean. Empirical Evidence of the Superiority of the Arithmetic Mean. Indro and Lee Article. Equity Valuation Method. Invested Capital Approach. Log Size. Table 9. Calculation of DLOM.

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Interpretation of the Error. Measuring Valuation Uncertainty. Measuring the Effects of Valuation Error. Market Methods.

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Commentary to Table Table Modification of Formulas for Wholesale and Retail Businesses. Legal Treatment. Definitions of Dilution. The Direct Approach. The Iterative Approach. Section 1: Introduction. Section 3: The Mathematics.

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Section 4: Sample Calculations in the Tables. Section 5: Conclusion. Sharing the Dilution. Issues Unique to Start-Ups. Organization of the Chapter. Part 1: First Chicago Approach. Venture Capital Valuation Approach. Part 2: Debt Restructuring Study. Johnathan Mun. Comparing Simulation with Traditional Analyses. Using Forecast Charts and Confidence Intervals. Tornado and Sensitivity Tools in Simulation.