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Thanks for sharing all your insights into the style of French women, it is greatly appreciated. The FF… elusive. Why do I let these women keep me up at night?!!?

I enjoyed this interview. You took a tough concept, impossible to define, and even more impossible to stake claim to that definition, and followed it through with wit and wisdom, and your always wonderful humor!

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Surtout quand je vois tes beaux dessins. Pas de total look! Les chaussures. Tout ca avec un manteau Comptoir des Cotonniers. Pour la touche street style ca sera du American Apparel je dirais.. Et puis en 10 minutes vous degoisez. I do so love reading your blog.

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It helps to know I can at least still understand French. Sinon Chapeau Mmes et Melles! Mais alors, sur quoi repose ce mythe? De la couleurs! This is brilliant! You are so right about self-confidence — all youw women exude it…I need to work on that!

Oui il y a un peu de ce dont Joanna parle. Comment peut-on y aller? Il faut obligatoirement avoir des invitations ou on peut acheter des places? Hello Garance, trop sympa ce post!! Bonne journee! Ah quel sujet today! Difficult mais interresting. Et enfin elle ne sort jamais sans son big bag! Et la femme Belge dont parle notre Brel alors? Pardon pour mon ironie. Bonjour Garance! Voyons… Reprise du chic par les couturiers, les magazines et les blogs. Ce blog en est la preuve.

Not even to go to the gym: you can change there. Not on a Sunday morning. Our clothes are generally pretty well fitted — less playing with volume. Less contrasts in general. Accessories tend to be on the matte side scarves rather than bling.

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We manucure less visibly a touch of transparent polish. And so on… Even our engagement rings are smaller! Oh I love Joanna! She is so cute! I am American, so this is an outside point of view. Their bags and purses scarcely seemed to carry much, each person also had an explored style, like liking blue or liking to play with textures. But the one thing that really stood out where the shoes! Oh, the French have the most fantastic, impeccably clean shoes! Bon et talons plats aussi hein Surtout pour les sessions shopping ou les balades le dimanche dans Paris :.

Garance — I was so thrilled to read about Joanna on your site!


I very much enjoyed the questions and answers. Happy weekend.

I loved this article! As a complete outsider American—Texan—who has only been to Europe—Italy—once , I can only offer my impressions.


I let a little frizz stay sometimes. I focus more on skincare than cosmetics, using makeup only to protect my skin SPF and enhance a bit of blush and mascara.

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I streamlined my closet, keeping only things that both look good on me and make me feel good. Also, I have resolved to learn French so that I can come back and read all of the comments on this post! Classic shapes and textures, minimal accessories. Nothing trendy or stolen from the pop culture. Oh sure, there are a few exceptions, but basically, the french woman is. This is fantastic. As an American who lived in Paris for a year, I had plenty of time to study French style. Anyway, returning from France I got to go through reverse culture shock, which helped me define what I had found to be French style.

First, and most importantly, the French appreciate a woman of a certain age. In Paris I was just becoming interesting at 30, and I find that more appealing. Americans have become too much about quantity, not quality. I have one gorgeous Celine black dress. The interest is in the re-mix of that one dress. Dresses, skirts, trousers, whatever, the waist is defined. I also always have at least one form of striped shirt every season, never wear leggings and love skirts and dresses.

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Phew, hoping I passed the test. I live in New York and love all things French but have never been to France, so I think this qualifies me as a nonexpert! Then you must temporarily retire the scarf until it has safely gone back under the radar again. There you go. Your blog is lovely — I enjoy it enormously. They often smile. Use tons of expensive skincreams and maybe less makeup than other women.