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The Native Americans of the old west often passed on several of their legends and beliefs to frontiersmen, and from that often spawned legends. One particularly ghostly tale has to do with a small bird, appropriately titled the Death Bird. Native Americans believed that before death, the bird would appear to either warn people and save their lives, or to tell them that it was too late and they might as well pick out a coffin. Even if you didn't see it, supposedly you could hear it's unearthly, piercing call.

Not all ghosts are necessarily scary, and Silver Heels is a legend that's more sad than frightening. In , there was a dance hall girl in Buckskin Joe mining camp who was nicknamed Silver Heels. The miners loved her, showered her with gifts, and she was considered beautiful by all. But as with most beautiful things, her joyful dancing was not to last.

One winter, small pox spread through the camp with force. Silver Heels stopped dancing and set to work helping the sick and tending to the dying. She even helped with burials. But after the worst of the sickness had passed, Silver Heels was nowhere to be found. No one knows when she passed.

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Some say that you can still see a ghostly veiled figure wandering the cemetery, putting flowers by gravestones. Nothing taken. Footprints in a perfect circle around my tent. Age 14, maybe 15, hiking and camping with two fellow Boy Scouts and an adult. We made camp for the night, had a cold dinner because it was too wet to scavenge firewood, and all turned in early.

Even in the woods, there are noises. Frogs, owls, small game, and every sort of bug. My tent-mate and I awoke at the same time, maybe 3 AM, to hear nothing outside. Absolute ear-straining silence, like a woolen blanket wrapped around the head.

Six Short Bigfoot Campfire Stories (Collection #4)

After a few minutes, the bugs started chirping again and we went back to sleep. When we woke up in the morning, we found that five of the pine trees surrounding our little clearing had been connected in a star shape with scraped lines, and pinned to each one was a stick-man.

Like the ones from The Blair Witch. I mean, who would believe the alibis of two kids? I pulled the canoe in late so I just draped the tarp over the canoe and crawled in underneath it and fell asleep. In the middle of the night I woke up to the sound of roaring water.

I crawled up out from under the tarp and the sound stopped. I thought I must have been imagining it or it was the wind through the trees or something. I crawled back under the tarp and the sound started again. The sound got louder and louder. I realized that it sounded like water ripping through the woods. Even the dogs had their hair on end. I quick pulled the tarp off the canoe and dragged it up to the top of a ridge and waited to see what was making that noise.

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Then I heard the voices, men yelling and a dull thumping noise. I huddled down next to the boat, pulled the dogs close and waited for the sun to come up to find out what was happening. Morning came and there was nothing to see. I will not camp there ever again. Not my story but from an old supervisor of mine that I believe completely. Setting is or so, hells canyon area of middle Idaho.

Being the assistant superintendent of the crew second in charge, effectively he was out ahead scouting on an atv or some such. Thing stands there for a good 10 seconds, screams at him, and scampers up a tree not 5 feet off the road. He finds this odd but not particularly unsettling. Just a half mile or so down the road, he finds a small cabin. Also odd, as this is federal land and no private structures should be there.

Upon investigation, all the windows had been boarded shut tight and someone had done a good job of doing so.

Famous American Folktales & Stories from A to Z

The door know had been punched out and secured to a hole drilled into the log frame by a chain. Someone did not want anything getting in or out. Peering through the hole in the door he can see that everything in the house is upset. This has him kind of unsettled, so he hops on his ATV and heads back up the road. Right where the bobcat had been, there stands a native American woman, in a badly tattered nightgown and bare feet. Just standing there. He yells at her, asking if she needs help.

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Obviously, he nopes out of there as fast as he can. Unsure of who or what he just saw, he asks a local guy about the cabin. In effect, a skin-changer, a warg. Now, I would not believe most people that tried to tell me that. But this was a serious man that did not mess around about many things. Another ranger and I were out on a search and rescue call once. The missing person was a man in his 20s. He had gone hiking and had not returned the day that he intended to. When we got the call, it was nighttime, but we hiked in a few miles and set up camp on a ridge that had a pretty good view.

He had gone into the woods prepared, so we decided to wait until daylight before beginning the search.

The Cowboy - Ghost Stories, Paranormal, Supernatural, Hauntings, Horror

About 2 AM, I get up and am taking a piss when I see a moving light at the base of the cliffs across the valley and a few miles away. Looks like a flashlight beam. I tell the other ranger and we make the decision to keep waiting for daylight. The next morning, we decide to go check out the area and bring this guy home. He get to approximately where I saw the light the night before and start calling his name. Soon, we find his body at the base of the cliff. He had fallen 60 feet on his head. The body was badly mangled. At this point, the other ranger yells to me to come look at this.

It seemed odd, but I thought nothing of it until the other ranger reminded me of the light the night before. It kind of gave me the creeps, but I still dismissed it. Before too long, the coroner arrived and inspected the body. After he took the body back to the lab, he said that the man had been dead for at least 48 hours before we found the body.

I had the coroner review his work. Same result.