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From the noun "peregrino" pilgrim , we have words derived from the same root The Way of Saint James can start anywhere. In fact, in ancient times, each pilgrim began his way from the door of his house. Porto is a common departure point on this route and crosses the neighboring country from South to North.

Camino de Santiago (route descriptions)

Each pilgrim can start your way at the point of the route choice, depending on the available days for walking and schedule where you want to reach Compostela. There are also many pilgrims on the road sections. And every year on vacation for a few days run through several stages of the chosen route. They are Hostels with bunk beds only for pilgrims. There are many pilgrims who sleep in " Hoteles , hostales o pensiones".

These are the three most common words in Spanish to designate establishments where you can host a traveler. As for the hostels on the road to Santiago, there are public and private ones. Publics are usually cheaper and are managed by local councils or associations.

Some only charge ask for a donation for maintenance. Where is the hostel? This diploma is given to those pilgrims who have traveled more than km on foot or over km bike.

The Camino de Santiago is a Christian pilgrimage route, but, today, many pilgrims walk the route for tourist, cultural or sporting reasons and not so much by a religious feeling. But the Camino de Santiago always tries to pass near the most representative Christian churches and draws the attention of art lovers and religious architecture. There are in cities where a bishop resides. It is also called the minor altars chapels in cathedrals or churches.

Usually it is a route through the rural areas of the Spanish geography. Where the natural landscape has its main value. The Camino de Santiago is a very safe route.

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Just usually no problems or incidents. Especially in the largest hostels in the cities. Also if you have foot injuries. When you have an accident or are seriously ill you have to go to hospital. I want to go to hospital. Where is the hospital? They are walking many hours and kilometers. With a sleeping bag is enough. What shoes? Shoes, sneakers, boots, tennis Choose a good walking shoes. The word trekking is of English origin. The word route means belonging or relating to a road. The shoes can also be mountain.

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    But my Dad's my Dad, whatever he's done in the past, and he swears blind that he'll be keeping on the straight and narrow from now on. After establishing himself as one of the world's best safecrackers, he decides to retire from his life of crime and walk the straight and narrow. We have something to gain by taking the high ground but you have to be conscious that appearing respectable and proper can come across as elitist. Of course her initial reaction was to blow her lid, but she didn't - instead she took the high road and simply just left.

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