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Yet his touch ignites a dawning new hunger—one that threatens to consume them both I absolutely devoured this book! Once I started reading I couldn't put my phone down.

I was immediately sucked into the Dark World of Vampires, lust and lessers. Super great from first book this to continued all of them and continuing plus the newer legacies books! Just the devotion they all have w bonding is awesome! Customer Reviews See All. More Books by J.

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Ward See All. Lover Eternal. Meanwhile, at the stately home of the late Darius Q. Vampire, Wrath rematerializes because they can do that and ensconces himself in his private room, where he waits for his love-slave to show up. Wrath puts up with the present awkward ritual, though. As this painful scene draws to a close Fritz a. Beneath that gruff exterior, Butch has got a heart of gold, and a soft spot for our cub reporter.

Dark Lover (Hardcover)

Beth can bring herself to say much about the attack, though. Just because he liked the feel of pain. All right, who named these poor kids? And now that one guy is dead. You know what else is bugging me about this book? Just because he liked the feel of pain [another].

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Including his twin. Even though the brothers were deadly fine at what they did. By no means am I calling for a moratorium on the occasional intentional use of grammatically incomplete sentences, which are often very effective at creating a sense of bluntness, starkness, or abbreviation. Such sentences serve a purpose. A vital purpose. I can do it, too! During this conversation Wrath is lurking in the shadows outside, listening in. This boy, Billy Riddle, is laid up in the hospital with a broken nose and a very sore set of family jewels, but his troubles have just begun.

So far?

A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood

Wanna read along with DocTurtle? Unbelievably freaking funny … maybe because he can? I look forward to the next installment. This was totally awesome! Still laughing!!!!!!!!!! I read this crhacktastic stuff and enjoy it but I can still laugh about it. Totally awesome!

I have on a few occasion put Dead Tree books back on the shelf in the bookstore if I decided that kind of silliness was too overwhelming even for me. The same goes for glossary pages, when the book has those. I like a bit of snark with my news. The Hubby reads me the paper that way. I tried to read Dhark Lover. I really, really tried.

I guess I have a higher resistance to crahck than I suspected. Grheat to have a ghood laugh first thing in the AM, true? I love the BDB series, btw. And I lhove your blohg!

J. R. Ward

I type the name under protest…. Wrath some kind of evil Mary Poppins! This is awesome. I picked up one of the other books in the series at the library yesterday without even reading the back cover every once in a while I like to go in completely blind. I stopped reading after 2 chapters because the names were making me laugh a little too much.

Great review so far, though.

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Thanks for the chuckle of the day! I love the idea of the BDB drinking game. Holy crap, I just started reading Dark Lover last night too and had almost exactly the same reaction. Bwaaa, I think what makes the BDB simultaneously so ridiculous and so compelling is that Ward really is SO self serious about the…well just silliness of it all.

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Centuries old Vampires with idiotically altered names.. Oh, by any chance does Billy Riddle have an older brother Tom who got packed off to boarding school as a kid, went bad, and, well…you know the rest. Thanks for the laugh in the morning! As someone who has succumbed to the chrack, I find this particularly hilarious. I really hope Doc continues to read this series if for no other reason than his reaction to their incessent text messaging in later books.

This book was DNF for me the cracktastic nature of the series eludes me.

Dark Lover

I may not like paranormals, but I love this review. The snark, it makes me keekle. Keep it coming! I love this series.

BENTA - Lover In Dark

Read on, SBiT! This was my reaction too when reading these.